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The 2nd Official Lowpoly Workshop Modeling Contest has begun. Everyone can participate.
Please read the rules before entering the contest.


- You have to inform us about your participation here.
- The model must have triangles as faces.
- Poly count must be under 1000 triangles.
- The texture must not be larger than 256x256 px;
- The format for the model must be .obj
- The format for the texture must be .tga
- The model must be made by you.
- Entries Must be sent to me , within the time limit via Private Message, also please set title as "Lowpoly Contest #2".

05.06.2011 - 05.07.2011

Contest Theme: Ships
A ship is a large buoyant marine vessel. Any type of ships are accepted.

Result Algorithm:

Visual rating: 1 - 10 pts [will be rated by ShiroiSenji]
Votes: the maximum number of votes will be considered 10 and the others will decrease proportionally
Result = (visual rating + Votes) / 2
Max Result = 10 pts

-1st Place: 1st Place Award Medal
-2nd Place: 2nd Place Award Medal
-3rd Place: 3rd Place Award Medal

If there are less than 10 contestants, there will be no reward for 3rd place, if there are less than 5 contestants there is only price for 1st.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well hoping that there will atleast 8-10 contestants for the Contest, it will get more exciting that way.

  2. Goolygot says:

    Do the model need any animations?

  3. paradise says:

    only models, no animations

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