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Winners announced

Technology Awards:

New Application of the Year: Sculptris (Pixologic)

This award recognises the best new asset-creation applications that have been released over the past year, which provide stable, useful and usable tools for the CG artist.

We are delighted that Sculptris has been voted number 1 in the New Software of the Year category. Thanks to the voters! Pixologic is recognised as a ground-breaking innovator in the world of digital art. The development of Sculptris is consistent with the Pixologic spirit of helping artists create without technical barriers.
Jimmy Golding, director of marketing, Pixologic

Software Update of the Year: Blender 2.5
This award is open to any existing application that has received a sizeable update, introducing useful new features and new technologies to its user base, while maintaining stability and usability.

We've had many compliments for delivering this UI and tools redesign project. It's been a huge task - over three years of work - something free or open-source projects typically are advised to never even attempt! An official recognition from 3D World readers means a lot to us: thanks!
Ton Roosendaal, chairman, Blender Foundation


Plug-in of the Year: Lagoa Multiphysics

In this category, we're recognising the work done by smaller teams of developers working to add functionality to existing applications. It's to reward plug-ins that deliver new technologies or features that enhance the host program.

We are once more overwhelmed with all the recognition and support given to Lagoa Multiphysics. Huge thanks to everyone that gives us the opportunity to contribute to this great industry! You make our dreams even bigger!
Thiago Costa, programmer, Lagoa Technologies


Software Innovation of the Year: Genesis figures (DAZ 3D)
For this category, we're looking at software that breaks new ground, delivers new techniques or algorithms, and provides a clear benefit for artists in the creation or implementation of CG assets.
We are grateful to 3D World and to the 3D community for their recognition of the tremendous effort we have put into the new Genesis series of figures and all its supporting technology.
Our goal was to provide maximum flexibility and extensibility within a single figure, while maintaining the highest degree of realism possible.
The developers of several of the mainstream 3D applications are already planning to support the Genesis framework in their applications. We would love for everyone to have access to this framework no matter what toolset they choose, whether through native support or plug-in architecture.
We believe the Genesis framework will open up limitless possibilities for users creating custom 3D figures and characters, and make transporting these unique creations to other 3D applications much simpler. We are very excited to see what the community will do with this new platform for 3D figures
Dan Farr, president and co-founder, DAZ 3D


Hardware Innovation of the Year: Intel iCore i7 processors

Each year, we see huge advances in hardware technology. The Hardware Innovation of the Year category is dedicated to those companies who bring new physical products to market, from processors and graphics cards to input devices and the latest gadgets.
It's great to win the 3D World Hardware Innovation of the Year award for the Intel Core i7 CPU, particularly in light of the focus we have on visual computing.

That these innovations have been recognised from a publication like 3D World means just that little bit more in this context. Our thanks go out to all those who have paid us a welcome compliment.
Dan Belton, retail director, Intel UK


Creative Awards

CG Animation of the Year (Long Form): Rango (ILM/Paramount Pictures)
CG Animation of the Year (Short Form): Sintel
VFX Film of the Year (Long Form): Inception (Warner Bros.)
VFX Film of the Year (Short Form): The Walking Dead (Stargate Studios/AMC)
Best Use of CG in Advertising: Halo: Reach 'Deliver Hope' (Method Studios/Agency twofifteen/Microsoft) |
Arch Viz of the Year (Still Image): Parliament Building, Abu Dhabi (Vyonyx Studios)
Arch Viz of the Year (Animation): Silestone: Above Everything Else (Alex Roman)
Videogame Graphics of the Year (FMV or trailer): Crysis 2 (Crytek/EA)
Videogame Cinematic of the Year (FMV or trailer): Tomb Raider: Turning Point trailer (Visual Works/Crystal Dynamics)


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