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Seen some awesome artwork in the Finals. Good Luck Everyone!

Welcome to the Dominance War, a massive annual game art competition unlike any other! Once a year, for approximatly 3 months, artists from all over the world come together to take part in a friendly 3D, 2D, and new this year, Animation challenge between communities. How it works? Artists must choose and represent a community involved in the challenge. When the challenge is over, the community with the best 3d game art, best concept game art, or best character animation entry, wins each unique event. This year, move than 10 art communities in 5 different languages will compete for World Champion standings in the largest event of the series - Dominance War V!

Students, aspiring game artists, casual gamers, and professionals, I sincerely hope you will enjoy this year's challenge and take part in making this a Game Event to Remember!

Dominance War Qualities
1.An Olympic caliber tournament where artists of all nationalities can come together online to showcase their artistic talents and compete for the title of World Champion.
2. A worldwide contest with a combined community membership rate of over 1 million members and over 50 million site hits each month.
3. The only single online competition that brings 12 forum communities in 5 languages together to compete in one massive online challenge.
4. A leading online game art competition that has become the single place for all students, professionals and aspiring game artists around the world to come showcase their skills to friends, public, fellow game artists, and future employers.
5. A global multicultural festival inaugurated in 2006 and held annually.
6. The only game art event that pushes the envelope for what can be made for games with the latest technologies and techniques.
7. A place that fosters the sharing of ideas and techniques and helps artists acquire new skills and new methods of achieving fantastic results.

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