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About Unearthly Challenge

"A game environment artist is able by virtue of imagination, create worlds of aesthetic value that sets the tone for a storyline and gives joy to an audience."
With an explosion in console capabilities, environment artists now have the necessary tools to express their thoughts and ideas to their fullest. Therefore, from the maker of the Dominance War series comes a new annual challenge that is here to give environment artists everywhere a grand event to remember! How it works? Artists may enter alone or with up to 2 other partners to create an environment that surpasses everyday objects, scenes and realities. When the event is over, the challengers who created an environment that captures the hearts of judges, wins the event! Be it for - awesome cash prizes, to make some great friends/contacts, inspire others, show your talents, get a job in the industry, or to have loads of fun while testing your skills to the max, you only need bring yourself and your talents to fully appreciate this event.
From all the participating forums, we sincerely hope you will enjoy this new annual challenge and take part in making this a spectacular event for Environment Artists around the world!

Challange Hosted by 
With Unearthly Challenge, we hope to offer yet another high-class once a year event for a distinct category of artists - Environment Artists. This year, with 4 competing forums and 3 languages, Unearthly Challenge expands to encompass more artists from around the world. Rest assured, Unearthly Challenge will have the same, or greater, sponsors as the DW series and every environment artist will have the means and set up to fully flex their muscles and strut their stuff.
In 2009, as artists compete for world champion standings, we look forward to seeing some amazing work and we will be there to support you along the way.

 Good Luck to all those who enter

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