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Ürban PAD - The Software for 3D city & buildings creation.

It speeds up your content creation while easily integrating into your existing pipeline. Build ten buildings for the price of one, or make a vast city with reusable, expressive content.

With Urban PAD, you can create a full city in an hour and refine or reuse this city as you want.

With Ürban PAD, you can:
Create lots of buildings fast and sell them online.
Make them look great with the top-notch texturing system or enhance them with Allegorithmic’s Substances (10 free Substances included).
Fire up the city generator and let it roar to see your city appear in no time.
Easily export your buildings or city to your favorite game engine (UDK/Unity 3D) or 3D software (Autodesk Suite).

The possibilities are endless – show us what you can do!

Everyone deserves the chance to shine and the tools to do it. We’re committed to offering professional-quality tools to everyone, everywhere. So for the next two weeks, we’re offering the Ürban PAD Indie license, normally $700, for the exceptional price of $29. By sharing this limited-time offer with as many people as possible, you’ll help meet our ShareIt! goal. If we reach this goal in two weeks, everyone will get a copy of Ürban PAD for $29

"Whoever has created a city for a game knows that Ürban PAD is a godsend for game designers or level builders."
Olivier Mascleft, Game Production consultant

"The most interesting thing about Ürban PAD, to me, is the level of environmental complexity that can be generated from flexible, procedurally generated meshes."
Gu Lu, founder, Entire Games


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