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Lowpoly Halloween Contest -First Official Holiday Contest:

1ST PLACE, SkyleBones - 24 - 10 (Judges Score) + 14 (Community Vote Score)

An excellent entry overall!, inventive and fun concept. You have visualized the character and attitude of your creation and translated that to your audience with style .

Your presentation is the best example submitted. I especially like the beauty shot, the inclusion of a wireframe render alongside your unwrap shows me you understand how to compose and present your work well and to a professional level. Congratulations for a deserved and well executed win! :]
2ND PLACE, Mercury - 20 - 9 (Judges Score) + 11 (Community Vote Score)

Mercury- Your texture art really jumps out of the screen! the final submission is bold bright and fun. I particularly like your attention to the small details such as the fold in the leaf and the reflections in the skin. Again well done on presentation, it was a joy to judge and congratulations on placing second! :]

JOINT 3RD PLACE, Zekrom - 18 - 8 (Judges Score) + 10 (Community Vote Score)

Very original concept if there were points for making me laugh you would place a clear 1st. I love the thought of a huge killer pumpkin lurking underground waiting to harvest the harvester, lol. Your texture art needs more depth and variation in tone, the addition of an ambient occlusion bake to your diffuse would be a good starter. Keep practicing!, your already part way there on ideas alone.

JOINT 3RD PLACE, 9sk - 18 - 4 (Judges Score) + 14 (Community Vote Score)

Lovely concept, next time consider your submission. Include information such as polycount, texture sheet size and a wireframe render, this information will give a Judge more to critique you on. The animation is well executed, however this was not part of the contests brief requirements and it would be unfair to score you points on this. Maybe an animation is something you should have looked at submitting as an addition to a well thought out presentation sheet. Well done on placing joint 3rd! :]

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