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Lowpoly Workshop Modeling Contest VI 
Contest Theme: "Buildings"

 1ST PLACE, 9sk - 25 - 9 (Judges Score) + 16 (Community Vote Score)

JUDGE Digital Zombie:
"A solid entry overall!, inventive concept and well executed. Would like to have seen your original artwork to see how your model compares.
Nice to see you have really thought about the silhouette shape and spent those polys well in comparison to what details you chose to include in your texture. Your art style is appropriate to the design giving your model plenty of visual appeal.

Next time really think about presentation, include a tri count with your final submission, a wireframe render and your unwrap. (sell me those mad skills, lol) Well done for a deserved win! :]"
2ND PLACE, - 23 - 8 (Judges Score) + 15 (Community Vote Score)

JUDGE Digital Zombie:
"Again it would have been awesome to see your concept / photo reference, beautifully handled model. Without seeing the wireframe your texturing ability seems to be your strongest area here, I love the details. Again you chose the textures art style well, it harmonizes with the stylization of your buildings design, proving a pleasing piece. Well done on placing second! :]"
3RD PLACE, Zekrom - Mushroom House - 18 - 7 (Judges Score) + 11 (Community Vote Score)

JUDGE Digital Zombie:
"Very sweet model, you could have most certainly pushed a mushroom house concept further with some original details. I like the droopy lean it conveys a good light hearted sense of humor about your work.

Really work that texture art next time!, more than one mid-tone would really make it jump out of my screen. Well done on placing 3rd! :]"

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