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Toy FactoryReleased Model of the Month

A while ago xoio released a pack of some cutout people. These we found extremely useful so a big thank you to them! As a result of this, we were inspired to create some of our own…

This is a small teaser for the upcoming ‘Goodie Pack’ which will include a variety of royalty free 2D imagery such as cutout people and trees. As well as this it will also include some top of the line HDRI’s which we have created especially for our renderings.

So until that time comes here’s a little teaser of what you can expect:

Download it here! (385mb)

These people wont be seen in the full pack, you can expect an additional 30. Hopefully we should have the full Goodie Pack available around Christmas time, consider it our gift to you

Stay tuned guys!

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