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 The VIII Lowpoly Workshop Modeling Contest!

Hello and Welcome to our 8th Modeling Contest!!
Build your favorite Western Superhero/Supervillain and a small environment to match him.

* Inform us of your participation.
* One submission per member.
* The Entry Must be Modeled and Textured by You.
* Polygons budget: 2000 tris for the Character and 1000 tris for the Environment.
* Textures: Character and Environment each get a 1024x1024px texture(Alpha channel if used must be included in the same image)
* No bumps, normals, spec, etc only Diffuse.
* Would be great if each contestant will post a .gif animation with his entry, rotating it 360 degrees.
rotation speed: 10 degrees per frame; 0.00 sec delay per frame;
image dimensions: 750x600 px;
render: Flat;
background color: #4d4d4d ;
* Wire Rendered Images must be provided IF the Judge has any doubt regarding the Polycount.

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Some of the entries so far: 

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